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Don't Pity Me, My Kids are Diagnosed with Autism...

And I'm here to say loud and clear... I live with autism and it's my norm! When you meet someone like me, I want you to get excited to know you stand before a Superhero who's forging new frontiers. I want you to get interested in his or her experience and encourage them.


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The mission of “My Thiero Boys” is to create awareness regarding the needs, behaviors and lifestyle inherent in the autism culture to better equip the world, helping all who view the film(s) understand and learn how to include the autism culture into society both socially and professionally. The autism culture is made up of children and adults who are diagnosed with autism as well as relatives, friends, educators, therapists, medical professionals, attorneys, politicians, advocates, neighbors, etc.: those whose daily lives are impacted by autism.

In April 2013 the CDC Reported that 1 in 50 school age children are diagnosed with autism in America. These children will be adults before we know it. As a global society we must educate and employ individuals dealing with autism to utilize the gifts, talents and uniqueness they possess. Or, we will go broke and apathetic attempting to house and finance their survival. Let’s create a beneficial future for everyone through autism awareness.

The Thiero Family
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The following resources and organizations are featured in "My Thiero Boys" and are serving families across the country.

Austism Media Mission

Autism Media is a for profit as well as non-profit Autism Advocacy Production Company that invokes awareness by presenting insightful depictions of individuals and characters affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  A global epidemic as reported by the CDC with 1 in 50 school age children diagnosed in America, Autism affects everyone. The Autism Population is a new culture. Autism Media helps portray the multi-layered world of those affected by Special Needs honestly and accurately, including the joy, pain, fear, love, humor, confusion, faith and fight that comes with it. Autism Media provides consultations. Contact info@mythieroboys.com. Autism Media's 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor is True Life Kingdom Ministries Founded by Pastor Jim Steele. http://www.truelifekingdom.org/.

Why Document My Children

So much of what occurred on a daily basis was jaw dropping and astounding to friends and family who had the opportunity to glean or get a glimpse of my world. Often someone would say, ”You should do a documentary “ to which the reply was, “Thought of it but…” Living within this fascinating, to say the least, lifestyle was overwhelming. Even with the extensive background in production, the notion to step outside this life to capture it appeared even more exhausting. Finding funding to do so was utterly daunting.

Truth is depression had too firm a grip and, apart from the children, took center focus. A factor, which happens to be, common amongst Mom’s dealing with autism. But through prayer, the Bible and therapy it fell away and with analog home video equipment the shooting began in 2009 and continues today with digital upgrades and favors from industry friends.

What started out to be a personal chronicle evolved into an autism lifestyle journal of my family’s experiences flanked and fortified with scriptures, Biblical wisdom shared by In His Presence Church’s Pastor of Education, Tim Oden and autism heavy weights who present important information that everyone needs to know.

The mission to use this film to help people understand and learn how to include the autism culture socially and professionally drove me to seek input from experts like Areva Martin Esq. nationally known Advocate who’s fought for and helped thousands of Parents teaching them how to best advocate for their children in the autism spectrum; Dr. Bob Sears, leading Developmental Pediatrician & Autism Specialist, Author of “The Autism Book” & “The Vaccine Book”; Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, Executive Director of ACT Today a non-profit that provides funding for families all over the U.S. who’s autistic children have no other way of receiving services; and Educators/Administrators who developed the first programs to actually “teach” kids with autism in an academic environment, Debbie Moss and Pat Grayson…also known as the Dynamic Duo and The Aut Swat Team!

Parents of autistic sons, Areva, Nancy and Pat join my friends and single Mothers Marsha Easley, Rebekah Fowler, Desiree Davidson and Susan Levy (the Program Director for The College Internship Program for Special Needs - in Long Beach) who also recount the challenges faced in raising children with autism. We all want our stories known so that those like us will have a voice through ours. We hope this documentary will desensitize those who are around families dealing with autism. We hope everyone will choose to play a part in the future success of this new culture of autism.

The participants who so graciously donated their life’s wisdom on autism to “MY THIERO BOYS” have actually raised my standards and beliefs. What an unexpected blessing. Through this project I’ve learned that though I did not do all the things I wished I had done, it’s ok. I wasn’t the best or the worst strategist for my sons but because of “My Thiero Boys” I have become much stronger.

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the pathes of righteousness For His name's sake."  Psalm 23:1-3